Dixon Co-Op Deli Celebrates One Year!


March 17th marks the one year anniversary of our little deli being open. It all began in August of 2012 when I began working on converting the KLDK Radio Station room into a commercial kitchen. Much research went in to floor plans, equipment, plumbing and electrics and the finer details of getting permitted through NM Environment Department. Soon it was clear that we were working with a very small space, there was not enough money to do what we wanted to do and that everything takes longer than expected. A floor drain had to be put in, the floor had to be refinished, washable wall material had to be installed and the place had to be rewired all before we could begin to move the kitchen equipment into place. I learned at this point that no you cannot squeeze an extra 3 inches out of the length of a room no matter how badly you want to. The floor plan had to be revised again and again. Once all this had been accomplished there was a waiting period for the frigid winter to ease up a little so…the water could thaw and we could have actual running water in our new sinks! Oh I was so nervous before our final opening inspection but all went well.

This past year has been a learning process and a joy. Ever since the Co-op opened I knew that I wanted to run the Deli when it eventually opened. It has been nothing like I pictured…I always thought of a big, open kitchen with beautiful glass display cases filled with delicious prepared foods and fine baked goods. We would have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a glass of milk for two dollars, beans and rice for a dollar and plenty of seating space. Some of these things seem to be attainable in the near future, others simply aren’t possible. What is possible is that the Deli will continue to grow and flourish. We will be able to offer more prepared food items, we will have more display space and I will be able to bake to my hearts content. For now it seems that we have reached a good middle ground. I am enjoying interacting with the community. I am deeply satisfied with being able to provide food for others to enjoy. The best is yet to come!

Thank you to all who have been loyal supporters. Thank you for your suggestions, for your encouragement and for your continued support!


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