Taking it to the Streets

As you cruise around the neighborhood this week, it’s possible that you’ve noticed a bolder market presence out on the highways and byways. At the store itself, you have (hopefully) seen Lynne E. Alden running around on the store portal roof. She’s been battling logistical problems in the prep stage, but seems to finally have gotten to the signage painting in earnest and is looking to complete the new storefront paint job in another week or two. Here is a photo of the work in progress:

The Coop gets a facelift. Midstage version.

The Coop gets a facelift – midstage version.

Out on Highway 68, both north and south of the Highway 75 turnoff, you will (again, hopefully) notice our new billboards alerting passersby who might not otherwise know, that there is indeed a grocery store just a few miles down the road. Many thanks to David Rigsby and Bob Lesch for the use of their properties for these installations. A big hearty ¬°Gracias! to Ron Monsour, David Rigsby, Chris Carney, and Lee Mesibov for their muscle and engineering acumen on the project. Props too to Rene Disbrow who designed the signs, and of course to Clark Case for his work in putting those billboard constructions together.

How many volunteers does it take to put up a couple of billboards? More than it takes to defrost the ice cream display case….

Brandon, Einar and Lee defrost the Ice Cream display unit while Mickey merrily watches.

Brandon, Einar and Lee defrost the Ice Cream display unit while Mickey critiques


Thanks again to everyone for all they do to help the Co-op Thrive.