Santa Rosa at the Co-Op


Flamenco Performance from 2012

Flamenco Performance from 2012

The Santa Rosa Fiestas happen in Dixon this weekend with music, food, neighbors crawling out of the woodwork, a parade filled with all manner of craziness, a King, a Queen and princesses. It’s almost too much to bear. Almost. But, bear it we will.

This year, the Co-Op will not have a float from which to pelt citizens with organic lollipops. Nor will we sponsor a table out in the library park. This does not mean we are not prepared to join in the festivities however, it just means we’re concentrating on servicing the crowd this weekend.

Inside the store we will still be serving up sliced watermelon to cool your core, and if the fare being offered in the park isn’t meeting your needs, there will be plenty of freshly made sandwiches, salads, salsa and sushi inside as well. There may even be some homemade pie (made by the deli queen, Maggie) not to mention our usual array of picnic items and of course, plenty of ICE CREAM! If you’ll be doing an early bird shift, peek in the store to see if there are any homemade breakfast burritos to help get you through the set up process.

As you may be aware, the Fiestas King this year is our own General Manager, Nelson Rhodes! Rumor has it, he will be handing out some serious Co-Op coupons on Sunday. So be sure to get a good roadside seat when the Fiestas Royalty roll by.

See you at the Fiestas and at the Co-Op!